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When will our session be?

I love to photograph maternity mamas between 28-32 weeks, to find that sweet spot between comfort and bump on display. Outdoor portrait sessions - both maternity and family - are an hour before sunset, which varies throughout the year. Indoor intimate sessions & indoor family sessions are scheduled in the mornings. Maternity sessions last around an hour.

Lifestyle newborn sessions are typically scheduled within two weeks of birth if you are envisioning those sweet sleepy baby shots. However, due to the unposed nature of lifestyle photography, we can photograph your family in a more interactive way anytime within the first three months. Sessions are scheduled in the mornings before the tiredness of the day wears on your crew, and I am always happy to schedule around nap times. Sessions last between 2-3 hours, as we leave plenty of time for soothing and feeding.

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What do we wear?

It is my goal to capture your family as your are, which also means the clothes you love to wear. That being said, there are some tried and true tips when it comes to what photographs well.

Fabrics such as linen, denim, and lace are classics that never fail. The family who coordinates - but doesn't match to the extreme - always looks on point. Neutral colors are always a hit, but bring on the color if that's who your family is. The clothes that make you feel confident and connected are what will photograph best.

And a long, flowing dress for a glowing mama-to-be will always be my favorite. Mom - pick what you love to wear and then grow the family wardrobe from there!

Sweet Wally Mamas receive access to my online Styling Service - which you can use to shop directly from or to use a guide to shop from your own closet. This gives you the tool create the vision for your custom experience.

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What will happen at our maternity session?

For an outdoor maternity session, we will meet an hour before sunset. I'll have a blanket and camera bag ready to roll, and some water, oil absorbing sheets, a small mirror and tissues  just in case. You bring yourself, your significant other and any older siblings in the immediate family. The more, the merrier! Depending on our location selection, we will most likely do some walking to have a variety of images, so I recommend wearing or bringing comfortable shoes. I will lightly direct you in where I'd like you to be and watch the fun unfold.

This is not a stiffly posed, stressful hour - I want it to be fun for the whole family! I will ask that you bring an activity your family enjoys together - whether that be football, bubbles or biking. Maternity & family sessions with older siblings will be full of energy, fun and showcasing their glowing mama-to-be.

For indoor maternity sessions, we showcase pregnancy in a beautiful, intimate way. Wardrobe can be anything from boy shorts & a chunky sweater to nothing but nude. We progress at your comfort level and I will be photographing, editing and blogging your session with your privacy as the priority. Partners are welcome to participate.

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What will happen at our newborn session?

I will arrive at your home and immediately connect with your older children if you've got them. I will work at the toddler's pace, as older kiddos and adults have more of a temperament for flexibility! I know welcoming a new kid on the block is an adjustment and I want this session to be fun for them. Once we're buddies, I will walk through the home and find the best light for taking photos. Most popular places for me to snap: living room, nursery, master bedroom, siblings' rooms. But I've been known to photograph in the bathroom if the light is right!

Disclaimer: Good light rules the roost, so I will sometimes rearrange furniture in order to accommodate. I've been known to climb on things to get the best shot and I will "get up in your business" (as I always say) to capture those close-knit moments. I will direct your family but will also hang back and allow moments to unfold as well.

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My kids are crazy and my baby is colicky, and I'm nervous they won't cooperate for photos. How will this ever work?

My second baby cried for basically seven months straight, so it is a tall order for anyone to overwhelm me! But the joy of lifestyle photography is that we're not looking for the stiff, posed, looking-at-the-camera-and-smiling photos. We're capturing your life, as it is, snotty kids jumping on the bed and all. There will be meltdowns and baby cries and I don't want you to stress about it one bit. I hope when I leave your home, everyone will look around and say "Well, that was actually fun!" and I promise we'll get amazing images for you to boot.

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How do I get my house ready for a photo shoot?

Step one: don't stress about it! A tidy & decluttered home photographs well, but there is no need to call in the deep cleaning brigade before my arrival. The photos we'll be taking will serve as a record of your life when you brought home your baby, so the details of your home are a part of the story; rarely is that story spotless. And I'm always willing to help pick up some areas that we may use during out time together.  

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Can I order prints through you? 

Absolutely! I have a professional printing lab that truly delivers on quality when it comes to prints.

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I'm a little nervous about germs and my new baby. How do you prep for that? 

Hello, fellow crazy mom. My oldest was a month early and a winter baby, so germs were the stress of my life! I remember those days well, and I always act accordingly: I wash all of my blankets in Dreft newborn detergent the evening before our session, and I wipe down all of my equipment with disinfectant as well. I will always wash my hands upon my arrival and throughout the session. I am up-to-date on my vaccinations, and if anyone in my family is sick before our session, I will ask for a reschedule. The health and safety of your baby is always my number one priority. 

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Do you travel for sessions?

Yes! I have photographed from Boston to Georgia and several places in between. My local spots are Bowling Green, Kentucky, and Nashville, Tennessee, and anywhere outside of those cities includes moderate travel expenses. If you are elsewhere and want to chat about a custom photography experience for you, please reach out here!

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