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Update: I have applied to Click Pro! (This was a 2018 goal that missed the deadline by a couple of weeks. I will get my results in two weeks or less. Will be following up on that!)

And on to 2019 Photography Goals!

Once I started to think about a list of what I’d like to do and how I’d like to grow in my photography this year, nothing immediately came to mind. Perhaps it was because I was undertaking two of the three 2018 goals and my brain just couldn’t add any more to the docket?

But I was chatting with a friend about my drone and she asked if I had mastered it. My answer: “Far from it.” And from there my list began…

  1. Master Drone Photography

    Well, let’s be honest: if there is any truth in the old saying “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst,” I will be far from a master in one year’s time. But I’d like to feel confident in how and where and what I capture when flying my drone by year’s end.

    I received a GoPro Karma drone for my birthday last year, and though I’ve taken it out a few times, I have far from really gotten the hang of it. I live close to a small airport, and I’m paranoid about tripping up some pilot on a small engine plane and wreaking havoc…so it mostly stays in its case unless we go camping. But no more! So that’s goal numero uno.

  2. Create Two Family Films

    I’m currently taking the Everyday Films workshop and I am loving it (and frustrated by it and excited by it…and all those other things that come along with learning something new). I want to ensure I apply those skills by creating at least two family films of my family this year: one of summer (I always seem more inspired in the summer) and one of a family trip.

  3. Take a Monthly Self-Portrait

    Two years ago, I made a point to get in the frame with my children. (Being present in photos is my soapbox after all.) This year, I want to continue on that but push myself to not hide behind my children, to be bold in showing myself. It is where I’m least comfortable so that means it is necessary. January has been captured…so one down, 12 to go!

So that’s the Big Three for 2019! Hold me to it…

Whitney Williams of Sweet Wally Photography

Whitney Williams of Sweet Wally Photography specializes in capturing motherhood. She is a family, maternity and lifestyle newborn photographer serving the Nashville are and Bowling Green, Kentucky. She is available for travel.

Goals Part I: 2018 Recap | Sweet Wally Photography | Nashville Newborn Photographer | Bowling Green Newborn Photographer

How in the world is it 2019?! It feels like yesterday I was planning what I hoped to accomplish in 2018 and then I blinked and now we’re here.

Last year, I created a blog post about my 2018 photography goals. This helped me keep them top of mind, so I want to revisit and do this again for the new year. Even though this kept them in my head, I still did’t go as far as I hoped in all of these areas. I accomplished one of the three…but with the disclaimer that the other two are currently in progress and to be completed by the end of this month. That’s good for a half point, right?!

My 2018 goals and the results…

  1. Find a mentor. Accomplished! I sought out Kristen Ryan, who is a landscape artist. I was so drawn to her edits and how she incorporates her children into her landscape images. Not only were Kristen’s critiques and words helpful, we’ve also managed to snag her as an instructor for the 2019 Insta-Inspire Photography Retreat!

  2. Apply to Click Pro. This is a time-consuming task, compiling a portfolio of 150 images. Though I didn’t submit in the 2018 calendar year, my portfolio has been compiled and I’m currently receiving critiques from trusted photographer friends on how to tweak it to completion. I am planning to submit by January 31st.

  3. Learn video. I did not actually take the workshop in 2018, but I did sign up so perhaps that’s another half point?! I am a few days into the Everyday Film School, and I am so excited to capture my kiddos in a new way. I can’t wait to have their little voices and sayings in video for keeps. And once I have a firm grasp on this new art form, I hope to offer this to my families as well.

So that’s the recap! One down, two on the way to being checked off by the month’s end. Time to look forward to what is on tap for the new year. Will be posting that soon!

Grateful to be here and be sharing this art with so many of you.

Whitney Williams of Sweet Wally Photography

Whitney Williams of Sweet Wally Photography specializes in capturing motherhood. She is a maternity, lifestyle newborn and family photographer serving Nashville, Tennessee, and Bowling Green, Kentucky, and is available for travel.

Why does it take so long to receive my photos? | Sweet Wally Photography | Newborn Photographer in Bowling Green, KY & Nashville, TN

A photographer shows up to your house for a lifestyle newborn session, hangs with your family for a couple of hours and then it is three weeks before you get to see the photos. Why in the world does it take so long?

Editing. The culprit, my friends, is the editing process.

Two photographers can capture the exact same moment, but what she does with that image in post-processing is what truly makes it hers. Styles vary from light & airy to dark & moody and those who own those looks have come to it through trial and error and lots of time behind the computer screen.

My style is true-to-life, not too dark & not too light colored images - with very crisp and strong contrast black & white images. Applying this to my newborn galleries takes me an average of 10 hours per session. Some photographers are faster, some take more time - but it is a labor of love to achieve a seamlessly blended 50 image gallery. But hopefully you will find the end result is worth the wait!

Here is a snapshot of some images in the before and after stage. 

silhouette_before_maternity photographer in nashville.jpg
silhouette_before_newborn photographer in bowling green.jpg
twins_before_newborn photographer in nashville.jpg
twins_after_bowling green newborn photographer.jpg
bnw before_nashville newborn photographer.jpg
bnw after_maternity photographer in bowling green .jpg

Which before/after is your favorite? You know I'm a fan of anything black & white! If you have any questions about my editing process, always happy to chat. And if you're ready to become a Sweet Wally Mama, please reach out here!

Whitney Williams of Sweet Wally Photography | Photographer in Kentucky & Tennessee

Whitney Williams of Sweet Wally Photography creates custom photography experiences for women becoming mothers. She is a maternity & lifestyle newborn photographer serving Bowling Green, Kentucky, Nashville, Tennessee and its surrounding areas. Not in those places? She is always happy to travel!