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How in the world is it 2019?! It feels like yesterday I was planning what I hoped to accomplish in 2018 and then I blinked and now we’re here.

Last year, I created a blog post about my 2018 photography goals. This helped me keep them top of mind, so I want to revisit and do this again for the new year. Even though this kept them in my head, I still did’t go as far as I hoped in all of these areas. I accomplished one of the three…but with the disclaimer that the other two are currently in progress and to be completed by the end of this month. That’s good for a half point, right?!

My 2018 goals and the results…

  1. Find a mentor. Accomplished! I sought out Kristen Ryan, who is a landscape artist. I was so drawn to her edits and how she incorporates her children into her landscape images. Not only were Kristen’s critiques and words helpful, we’ve also managed to snag her as an instructor for the 2019 Insta-Inspire Photography Retreat!

  2. Apply to Click Pro. This is a time-consuming task, compiling a portfolio of 150 images. Though I didn’t submit in the 2018 calendar year, my portfolio has been compiled and I’m currently receiving critiques from trusted photographer friends on how to tweak it to completion. I am planning to submit by January 31st.

  3. Learn video. I did not actually take the workshop in 2018, but I did sign up so perhaps that’s another half point?! I am a few days into the Everyday Film School, and I am so excited to capture my kiddos in a new way. I can’t wait to have their little voices and sayings in video for keeps. And once I have a firm grasp on this new art form, I hope to offer this to my families as well.

So that’s the recap! One down, two on the way to being checked off by the month’s end. Time to look forward to what is on tap for the new year. Will be posting that soon!

Grateful to be here and be sharing this art with so many of you.

Whitney Williams of Sweet Wally Photography

Whitney Williams of Sweet Wally Photography specializes in capturing motherhood. She is a maternity, lifestyle newborn and family photographer serving Nashville, Tennessee, and Bowling Green, Kentucky, and is available for travel.