1,400 Diapers Delivered!

To: Nurses for Newborns

From: Oliver, Brooks, Elise, Emory, Emmett, Rhett, Laine, Patrick, Walker, Vincent, Brinkley, & Reese

Nurses for Newborns Diaper Donation | Sweet Wally Photography | Nashville Newborn Photographer

Back in April, I went to the office of Nurses for Newborns to drop off something for their annual fundraising night & noticed right away their need for diapers. I made a quiet promise to donate a box of diapers for every newborn I was lucky enough to capture this year. This week, I was able to make good on that. 

So in honor of the Sweet Wally babies, there are nearly 1,400 more diapers on the shelf for babies in need. I'm so thankful for this creative outlet, the families who trust me with their special moments & this giving time of year. Merry Christmas to you & yours!

Whitney Williams is a newborn photographer with Sweet Wally Photography

Whitney Williams of Sweet Wally Photography is a maternity & newborn photographer in Nashville, Tennessee.